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Here at the swish offices of Easy Law Training we keep getting asked a range of questions by housing staff in the public sector about their individual cases. Questions that leave everyone in the office flummoxed, blowing out their cheeks and staring into space hoping the right answer will come.

So we decided to take on your burden and do our own staring into space and blowing out cheeks and started this Q &A blog as an aid for Frontliners everywhere.

We don’t promise to be able to answer every question, we have lives, but we will certainly pick the juicy ones and do our best to clear it up for you.

Things you might not know

What does the homelessness worker do with that woman and her 6 kids from Denmark who is married to a Zimbabwean? Do they have to provide temporary accommodation?

Why did that judge turn down your possession application when the tenant owed £5,000 rent arrears?

Can your client really keep chickens and rabbits in the garden without the landlord’s permission?

Ask us your questions

Let us know your query and we’ll do our best to clarify it for you, using our extensive and varied knowledge or, when the cheek blowing gets too extreme, by trawling our various contacts in the business for a different angle.

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News too ..

We will also post up the occasional news item from time to time (when we feel like it).

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Welcome to the Frontliner "Talking Shop" Blog!


May 25, 2018

About Ben Reeve-Lewis

Experienced trainer with CIH and Shelter, and a Council TRO, Ben is a Director of Easy Law Training Ltd, and a published author on housing, Guardian journo, occasional TV & Radio. Find him on Google+