About us

Frontliner started as a free newsletter which was set up as a collaboration between TRO Ben Reeve Lewis and solicitor Tessa Shepperson.

They had met through Tessa’s blog, The Landlord Law Blog, but as that is aimed at the private housing sector, decided to do something for the social section.  The newsletter was called the ‘Frontliner’ as social housing workers often refer to themselves as working ‘on the front line’.

In July 2012 Tessa and Ben, together with Graeme Gee (Tessa’s husband and an employment specialist) set up a training company together to provide training services to both private and social sections both face to face and online.

The Frontliner service was taken into the new company, and in January 2013 Tessa and Ben decided to add a new Frontliner blog to provide extra help and support to hard worked frontliners.

The service is entirely free, although we naturally hope that if you like the blog, you will consider our training services.  Which you can read about on our main site >> here.

Answers to questions will also be provided by our other trainers where appropriate, for example Sue Lukes who advises on eligibility issues.

To find out more about us

>> click here to read about Ben and

>> click here to read about Tessa.

If you want to contact us about anything, you will find a contact form >> here.

Legal Stuff

Frontliner is a trading name for Easy Law Trading Ltd which is a company registered in England and Wales UK, no 08153069.  The directors are Tessa Shepperson (Gee), Ben Reeve Lewis and Graeme Gee.

The company is registered for VAT no 140 5971 19.

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About us

And about the Frontliner newsletter and blog

May 25, 2018